Quality Control

Quality assurance

科冉科技通过基于ISO9001:2015 标准的质量流程和程序致力于为客户提供100%满意服务

In order to ensure product quality, we provide value-added services through the joint efforts of all employees such as company sales representatives, purchasers, component engineers and quality inspectors.

Value-added services

  • Depth test
  • Product burn
  • Tape and Reel Packaging
  • Vacuum sealed
  • Package sale
  • Procurement Service

Quality inspection process

Product quality inspection is an important part of RISETECH's quality management plan. Our quality management plan process ensures product quality and filters out unqualified components (suspicious, imitated, typing, etc.)

  1. The quality management plan includes
    Ensure that the product information is consistent with the information on the relevant documents, and archive all at the same time, including product name, quantity, manufacturer, date code, batch number, ROHS&MSL, packaging and barcode verification.
  2. RISETECH’s senior quality inspectors will verify the first stage of the inspection results, and will use a high-power microscope to check whether the components are qualified. At the same time, they will conduct anti-counterfeiting and size inspections, and take photos and record them in the database.
  3. RISETECH's quality inspection team can conduct higher-level inspections on suspicious components, and at the same time, according to customer needs, send them to professional testing institutions for performance testing, including X-ray testing, functional testing, solderability testing, EDX/EDS Wait.

Customer satisfaction

Risetech Technology is committed to conveying the concept of friendliness, professionalism and corporate spirit, providing customers with the highest level of quality service and high-quality electronic components at every step of the distribution channel.
We have a professional service team, pay attention to interaction with customers, and strive to improve our system to meet the changing needs of customers. Establish and strengthen relationships with customers to achieve win-win goals.


  • Customer satisfaction: a complete return and exchange policy according to the sales terms
  • Accountability system: take corrective measures for all service breaches of customers/suppliers
  • Quick feedback mechanism: Service representatives will respond within 48 hours after receiving inquiries from customers
Quality Certification

ISO9001:2015 certificate

The quality certification ISO 9001:2015 third-generation management standard emphasizes the construction of a management system that meets the specific needs of each organization, and requires the senior management of the organization to actively participate and assume responsibility

ERAI Certificate

ERAI is called Electronics Reseller Association International Incorporated

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Online service
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